About Ultrafinishers

What is Ultrafinishers?

This website and podcast lived in my mind for about a year before it actually came to exist. I listen to a lot of shows about running, and what I found is that most of them focus on interviewing the “elite” runners – the ones that actually win the races. Well, it’s kind of entertaining to hear about how that person could do a 7-minute pace for the entire 50 mile or 100 mile race, but how does that relate to me? I can’t even do a single mile in 7 minutes, much less a hundred in a row.

What I wanted was to hear from regular, everyday people who have completed an ultramarathon. People who aren’t corporately sponsored. People who have to plan their training runs around their work schedule and family time. These are the runners that are often found at the middle or back of the pack – and I think these are the most inspiring stories.

I ask them about their training, their nutrition, their shoes – the whole “I just completed an ultra” experience. My goal is to try to reach listeners who have NOT yet finished an ultra, and plant that seed that it is possible. You CAN do it.

Who is Scott Johnson?

Scott JohnsonI own a computer repair business in Safety Harbor, Florida and work with clients nationwide. I’ve been doing my Monday Morning Computer Tutor blog and podcast for several years.

And since November 1, 2014, I can count myself an ultramarathoner. I completed the “Save the Daylight” 12 hour race in Englewood, Florida with a total of 40.1 miles. I returned to the same race a year later for the 24-hour option, and completed 100k (race report here). I’m planning to do more, and to one day achieve the goal of completing a 100-mile race.

If you’ve recently completed your first ultra, or you finished an ultra distance for the first time, or if you’ve completed an ultra that required you to dig deep to overcome some big obstacles, I would like to talk to you about being a guest on the podcast. Your story may very well inspire someone listening.