With the ending of the podcast, it means the 88 episodes of Ultrafinishers interviews will no longer be available as they have been in the past.

However, on September 16 the entire archive of episodes will be available on a disc which I will send to you by mail. You’ll be able to transfer the mp3 audio files to your phone or mp3 player or computer and listen to any of the great interviews whenever you want.

This disc will be available September 16 for $39 (disc by mail, including shipping). However, if you want to pre-order, you can do that now for just  $29. That will lock in the low price, and on September 16 I’ll put the disc in the mail to you. September 16 is when the price will go up so you can save $10 by pre-ordering.

(Sep 17 update: I haven’t had a chance to update this page yet but I will shortly. Until that time, the pre-order pricing is still available.)

To PRE-ORDER the archive on disc via regular mail for USD $29:

All pre-orders will be processed on September 16 or shortly thereafter.