I want to thank some of the people who allowed me to use some of their content for my website and podcasts.

George Fletcher, a really cool blues musician from New York, graciously gave me permission to use his song, Ragtop Cadillac, for the intro and outro on my videos and on my podcast episodes. You can get more of George’s music at his website,

Dave Jackson, podcast coach. Dave helped me get my first podcast started back in 2012, and when I was putting this one together I turned to him again to make sure everything was done properly. Dave runs the School of Podcasting, and if you’re thinking about starting a podcast of your own, contact him over at

Miguel Vieira, an amazing photographer. All those cool pictures of awesome Florida trails that you see on the site – he took them and gave me permission to use them. You can these photos and more on his Flickr page:

Joe Lewis, an ultrarunner in Australia, kindly gave me permission to use some video footage that he took from his GoPro head mounted camera. That video was from the 2013 Australian Trailrunning Championships. It was the 50k ultramarathon at Maroondah Dam, Victoria, Australia. You can see the whole video here:
(Unfortunately, I ended up not using that footage because the podcast became audio only)

The FreeSFX website allowed me to use their transition sound effect between segments of the podcast. Get your free sound effects at: