Encore presentation: CB “Pops” Thompson

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Pops ThompsonCB “Pops” Thompson did his first ultramarathon last October when he ran 33 miles at the Save the Daylight 12 hour race in Englewood, Florida.

More recently, Pops has encountered some health issues but he is now back on the road to recovery. In today’s podcast episode, you’ll first hear a conversation I had with him earlier this week about his situation and how he’s dealing with it, followed by his original podcast interview where he told all about getting through his first ultramarathon.

This is a guy that knows how to handle obstacles! And just as importantly, he knows how to help other people get through their own issues. He and his wife, Julie, and the rest of his family are always a familiar site at most ultras around Florida. They run, they crew, and they volunteer at many races throughout the year. They are what ultrarunning is all about.

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