Jessica DaSilva – NJ Ultra Festival 100 Mile ultramarathon

Jessica DaSilvaJessica DaSilva lives in Middlefield, Connecticut. On March 21, 2015 she finished the New Jersey Ultra Festival 100 mile ultramarathon. Congratulations Jessica!

Fun fact: Jessica had a unique incentive for this race. Her sister Cindy was a triathlete and fitness instructor. At age 33, Cindy was training for her first Ironman competition when she experienced a sudden and fatal aneurysm. It was Cindy’s example that prompted Jessica to have an interest in long distance running. To honor Cindy’s legacy of encouraging exercise and fitness, Jessica completed this 100 mile race as part of a fundraising effort to build a new playground in a community where children and families do not have access to such facilities for exercise and play. You can learn more about this (and donate toward the project if you wish) at the Cindy Sherwin Foundation website.

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