Rhonda-Marie Avery – Barkley Marathons

Rhonda-Marie AveryRhonda-Marie Avery lives in Ontario, Canada. On April 2, 2016 she became the first blind runner to attempt the Barkley Marathons 100+ mile ultramarathon. Congratulations Rhonda-Marie!

Fun fact: Rhonda-Marie’s guide for the race was Christian Griffith, and the first time they met in person was at Frozen Head State Park, just hours¬†before the race began.

Rhonda-Marie’s favorite running-related book is a children’s book called Ultra by David Carroll (available here on Amazon).

Rhonda-Marie is a disability sports advocate, and she does this through the Envisions Project, a non-profit organization aimed at empowering “other”-abled athletes to achieve their own adventures. You can get in touch with her through that website (envisionsproject.com), on Twitter (@ramavery), on Instagram (@batgirl78), and on Facebook (link).

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